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Some of the network gear vendors cast a wary look at network management vendors, particularly those who do continual, automatic discovery of the network inventory and connectivity.  Why? We know what’s actually out there, and what’s actually being used. We had one customer in the insurance industry who was due to renew their maintenance agreement with a large, well-known network gear vendor. The typical scenario was to be handed a spreadsheet by the salesperson, listing the serial numbers of the network devices they had purchased, together with a summary of maintenance charges. Prior to the meeting, the network manager ran an inventory report sing Entuity, and – not uncommonly – discovered that the list of devices under maintenance as tracked by the network hardware vendor did not match the list of devices currently running.  In fact, they were considerably off. 30,... (more)

Customized Polling By @MJannery | @CloudExpo [#SDN #Cloud]

Customized Polling - Customized Reasons When meeting with potential new customers, I’m frequently asked “do you have customized polling?”  As we all learned in life, the question is often less telling than WHY the question was asked. I answer: “Of course, we have customized polling – what enterprise class solution (or even mid-range tool) wouldn’t?” But the next part of the conversation, when I asked “why do you ask?” usually reveals four different backgrounds to the question: They have been using an open source tool which is little more than a scripting engine pointed at network... (more)

Software Defined Networking | Part 3 By @MJannery | @CloudExpo [#SDN #Cloud]

In the last part of our series, we covered overlay SDN and underlay SDN. This post will cover whether you're better off with an all virtual environment or you want some physical hardware. It is possible to implement SDN solely using existing network infrastructure and to provide SDN overlay connectivity using tunneling technologies.  That said, most people concede that some physical hardware will be needed to perform certain key network functions or at key locations within the network.  Fortunately there are a growing number of physical network appliances which are SDN conversan... (more)

All Network Topology Maps Are Not Created Equal By @MJannery | @CloudExpo #SDN

Many network management systems can discover the topology of a network. As with inventory, some do it once (i.e., “get and forget”). Better ones continually monitor for topology changes. Lower-end tools, however, separate the topology from the management system. They get a map for the sake of getting a map but they don’t use it. All maps are not created equal. Some are extremely basic. Others contain interesting information about the connections and the devices displayed. Topology discovery covers both device interconnections and the connections between access switches and the se... (more)

Software Defined Networking: Part 4 By @MJannery | @CloudExpo #SDN #Cloud

In part 3 of our SDN series, I covered virtual versus physical infrastructure.  This next segment will cover the three most commonly propounded benefits of SDN: efficiency, agility and security. Efficiency Early, hyper-scale pioneers of SDN such as Google astounded the networking community with the increased network utilization they achieved using SDN.  The industry norm for WAN link utilization is between 30% and 50%, whereas, by deploying SDN, Google drove utilization up to 95% (without impacting critical flows, losing traffic, etc.).  This is primarily due to SDN’s holistic vi... (more)